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Professional PPC Management

Start driving highly-targeted visitors to your website today.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising with Google AdWords is an incredibly effective method of promotion for generating new leads for your business. PPC providers total control over costs in addition to near real-time feedback on the effectiveness of your PPC advertising. Everytime someone clicks on your ad, you pay an amount determined by your maximum bid. The targeting options with Google AdWords are unlike that found on any other advertising platform, and combined with our enquiry tracking capabilities lets you accurately measure the return on your spend.

PPC is a competitive activity, with many other businesses competing for attention. Unless managed by PPC experts it can quickly become a costly waste of time and money. Random Surfer has several years experience managing PPC for all kinds of businesses, and we particularly specialise in working with small, local businesses with limited marketing budgets who can't afford to waste a penny.

We also manage PPC campaigns for Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook.

So whether you're completely new to PPC advertising or are looking to get more from existing campaigns, please get in touch for a friendly chat.


Free account review

Already have an AdWords account and would like to know if it could be performing better? Please contact us and we'll arrange an account review at no cost to you. We will then breakdown and list areas of improvement.

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What we do

To get the most from your advertising spend requires consistent testing and adjustments be made to your campaigns throughout the month. This includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Account structure improvements
  • Testing new ads
  • Landing page optimisation

Pricing structure

We work on a flat management fee, meaning no surprises on your invoice each month. Our account management services start from as little as £200 per month for local service businesses, offering great value for money.

Discounted management fees are available when combined with additional services.


What to expect

We do not undertake any work without having a thorough understanding of your business and crucially of who your ideal customer is and where they are online.

We closely monitor your return on investment with advanced enquiry tracking technology, and report regularly report on results.

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